Lumen Prize

In DMC we learned about the Lumen Prize which is an undergraduate research opportunity that awards $15,000 to certain Elon sophomores to use for research.  When thinking about a possible topic, I settled on how new media is affecting the sports industry.

Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized new media and the way in which people acquire information and this is no different in the sports world.  Instead of having to turn on ESPN to find out the latest sports information, one can simply “follow” an anchor and read his tweets.  Or even follow a star player and get a closer personal look into their lives.  Facebook is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the sports world.  Many athletes are beginning to use it, including John Riggins in which he is able to share his personal thoughts and even post videos without having to condense it into 140 characters.  I am interested in the impact that this has had on the viewership of sports and the way in which the public follows them now.  Traditionally, it was through the sports page or television that a fan could receive information about the team or players they followed.  Now it is a simple mouse click away.


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