Charles Cook: Political Analyst Visits Elon

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Anchor Lead-In: Charles Cook, a political analyst for NBC News who specializes in election forecasts and
trends, visited Elon on Monday night to discuss the upcoming election.  Luke LeSourd has more.

As the political winds shift towards a tight election in November, Charles Cook offered interesting insight as to who could pull ahead.

SOT: “If President Obama is reelected it will be despite the economy in favor of his campaign, if Romney is elected it will be despite his campaign in favor of the economy.”

As Cook continued with his speech, the focus was mainly on the economy.

SOT: “Generally, if an economy is this bad, a president doesn’t get reelected.”

So why are pundits predicting such a close election?

SOT: “You have an incumbent who I consider to be unelectable, but is running the perfect campaign.”

Cook offered a great deal of insight as to why the Romney campaign is lagging behind President Obama.

SOT: “Always define your candidate before your opponent has the chance to.”

The Romney camp hasn’t done that, as Cook explained. He explained that while the major news outlets broadcasted both of the party’s conventions between 10 pm and 11 pm, President Obama gave his speech.  But during the RNC, only Marco Rubio and Clint Eastwood spoke during that time.  Cook also noted the lack of advertising for Romney on other channels besides the main news outlets.

SOT: “I watched four straight hours of Law and Order: SVU on USA, and saw 12 Obama ads, guess how many Romney ads I saw? Zero.”


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