Hurricane Sandy Ravages Northeast, Also Affects Elon Students

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey coasts on Monday and Tuesday and left millions without power, and a current death toll of 55 US citizens.  As the storm breaks off west, President Obama visited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to assess the damage.  However, the superstorm has had a lasting effect on Elon students, as well.

Connecticut is one of many states that have issued a disaster declaration on their four shoreline counties, which has been granted by President Obama.  Sophomore Emily Hackers is from Darien, Connecticut and says that 92% of her town is without power.

“My little brother has school cancelled until next Monday and there are lots of people without houses, it’s bad,” Hackers said.

FCC has stated that a quarter of the cell towers in the northeast have been knocked out due to Sandy, causing many communication problems.  Carys Roberts is a senior from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and her hometown has also been affected.

“I haven’t been able to talk to my parents in four days.  I think it’s because they lost power and haven’t been able to charge their cell phones,” Roberts said.

Perhaps the state that received the worst of Hurricane Sandy is New Jersey.  Sophomore Tyler Brooks has a brother in boarding school in Hightstown, New Jersey.

“They’re not allowed to leave their buildings and they’ve been fed bagged lunches for days,” Brooks said.

The Elon Calling Center, which calls different alumni and parents of students in fundraising efforts, has also been affected.

“We cannot call alumni or parents that have area codes that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  Unfortunately, that is a majority of our prospects and is negatively impacting the amount of donations we usually receive,” said Tiffany Ko, Program Center Manager of the Calling Center.

Many Elon students, alumni, and parents are from the Northeast and have been effected by the biggest Hurricane to hit the region.  And even far from home, they are dealing with the damage done by Sandy.

Here is a cool, but chilling look at a timelapse above New York City as Hurricane Sandy hit the city.

Here is Google’s Interactive Crisis map that shows the current status of the storm, while also giving up to the minute locations of power outages, shelters and other various useful information.


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